Network of Roads in Bastrop County

In January 1866, the Bastrop County Commissioners Court (BCCC) designated a system of roads within the county. Because there was no county funding available for either their construction or upkeep, the BCCC also specified that these roads would be the responsibility of the individuals whose property adjoined the designated roads. This early network of roads included 13 designated roads, as described in Table 1.

The second branch of the Bastrop to Austin road, designated in the BCCC minutes as �via the William Coats farm,� was known as Coats Road in the early days. It is currently known as Lower Elgin Road and as County Road 55.

The BCCC also designated another road as a �First Class� road to provide a stagecoach and postal route to Austin; part of this road is similar to the route of the current FM 969.

May 2016