Anna M. Coats McGinnis Family

Anna M. Coats married Oliver Hazzard Perry (O.H.P.) McGinnis in January 1869 and died in November 1869. Although no records were found that specified a cause of death, census records show that Anna and O.H.P. McGinnis had a daughter, Melina �Lena� McGinnis, who was born in 1870. Because Anna died in November 1869, the birth year for Lena of 1870 cannot be correct; it is possible that Anna died either during or as a result of childbirth.

After Anna�s death, O.H.P. McGinnis was one of the group of people who relocated to the new town of Elgin in 1872 (Kesselus 2011). The census records indicate that William and Sarah Coats raised Lena. The Bastrop Advertiser archives show that O.H.P. McGinnis was an appointed delegate to the county Democratic convention and served as the Vice President of the Bastrop County Democratic Executive Committee in September 1873 and May 1875. He also served as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 4 in Bastrop County and became a member of the Texas House of Representatives from April 1876 through January 1879 (Legislative Reference Library of Texas).

Melina "Lena" McGinnis

Lena McGinnis, the daughter of Anna Coats and O.H.P. McGinnis, married Walter Keeble in September 1886. Keeble, who was born in South Carolina in 1864, served two terms as a Texas State Legislator (January 1909 to November 1912). Keeble died by suicide on November 1, 1912 (Legislative Reference Library of Texas).

Lena and Walter Keeble had three children: Walter Coates Keeble (b. 1888, Bastrop County), Leslie Oliver Keeble (b. 1890, Bastrop County), and Leon Keeble (b. 1894, Bastrop County).

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