Bastrop County Commissioners' Court Meeting Minutes

This page includes links to copies of the Bastrop County Commissioners' Court Meeting minutes that are relevant to the approval and construction of the Lower Elgin Road bridge. In the late 1880s when these meetings occurred, the minutes were all handwritten. Consequently, some of the content may be a bit diffcult to read, but most of the important parts are clear. The links to copies of these documents will open a .pdf file in a new window.

On May 31, 1886, a special meeting was held to examine the bids for four bridges to be built in Bastrop County. The lowest bid received was for $12,829 from the Kansas City Bridge and Iron Company of Kansas City, Missouri. Commissioners' Court accepted the bid and authorized J.M.Passett to '...enter into Contract with said Company for the Construction of said Bridges and to sign the same on behalf of Bastrop County."

The April 4, 1887 meeting established the location of the new bridges that would be built in Bastrop County. The Lower Elgin Road bridge is the fourth bridge: "On Wilbarger Creet at the Old Bridge site."

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