Coats Family Overview

The early research on the history of the Lower Elgin Road bridge focused on the William Coats family and the Coats family cemetery because the bridge was built on land that had belonged to William Coats. The Coats farm included 900 acres and was located adjacent to Wilbarger Creek. The research eventually expanded to the other areas included in this document, but the Coats family information still turned out to be relevant. William Coats´┐Ż farming operation was a primary beneficiary of the bridge in that it simplified the process of getting his crops to market. In addition, several members of the Coats family were important in the business/financial growth of Elgin and in both local and State politics. This section includes information about some of the members of the William Coats family. It also includes detailed information about the family members buried in the family cemetery located near the bridge.

The Lower Elgin Road bridge was originally known as Coats Crossing (Rivers 2015) because it crossed Wilbarger Creek on property that was originally owned by William Coats. The Coats family cemetery located near the bridge was the research starting point and led to interesting information that is also connected with Bastrop County history, particularly in terms of political development and economic development of Elgin. This section presents an overview of the William Coats family and several descendants.

William and Sarah (Partridge) Coats arrived in Bastrop County in 1850 from Wilkes County, Georgia. Their farm included 900 acres along Wilbarger Creek. They had two daughters: Sara Elizabeth Coats (b. 1826 in Wilkes County, Georgia) and Anna M. Coats (b. 1833, most likely in Wilkes County, Georgia).

May 2016