This page includes two types of news about the Lower Elgin Road bridge: late-breaking news and archived news stories. These two different types are grouped under subheadings of News Flash! and Archived News Stories about the Lower Elgin Road Bridge. Contents in each section are listed in reverse-chronological order.

News Flash!

July 20, 2018: Per email from Randi Fishbeck of Bastrop County, the county has received the FEMA extension and received written confirmation on 7/19/18. Per Ms. Fishbeck, the historic Lower Elgin Road bridge will be an agenda item for the next Commissioners Court meeting, scheduled for 7/23/18, in reference to a letter from Judge Pape to Ms. Kitty Henderson of the Historic Bridge Foundation. Per Ms. Fishbeck, "The County has been working with Ms. Kitty Henderson to hopefully secure an alternate owner for the bridge." Letter Agenda

July 18, 2018: Per email from Kevin Goodlett of the Texas division of Emergency Management, the FEMA funding extension was approved on July 11, 2018. Per Mr. Goodlett, "Bastrop County Emergency Management Coordinator has been fully informed of the situation."

May 30, 2018: Per email from Bastrop County Judge, Paul Pape, "I signed this extension request today [request to extend the FEMA funding offer], along with 11 others PWs. We should know of their decision within a few days." Stay tuned for updates...

February 6, 2018: The Elgin City Council unanimously rejected the County's offer of the Lower Elgin Road bridge to be placed in a city-owned park.

January 22, 2018: The Bastrop County Commissioners Court rendered a 4 to 1 vote in favor to "Consider donation of Lower Elgin road Bridge to the City of Elgin for restoration in a city park." Commissioner Hamner cast the only vote against this idea. Considering that there is now full funding available for repair and that the concerned citizens have complied with all reasonable requests, there should not be any reason not to repair the bridge, except that someone wants to get rid of it altogether. Stay tuned for updates...

November 27, 2017: Notified by Randi Fishbeck that the request for extension of the FEMA funding was approved by Commissioners Court and the request for extension form was submitted by the County Auditor's office on 11/27/17; a copy of the submission form was included as an attachment to the email.

April 21, 2017: Per email from Greg Smith of the Texas Historical Commission, the Lower Elgin Road bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 10, 2017.

April 17, 2017: Per phone conversation with Mike Fisher, Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management, that FEMA estimates the repair costs of the bridge to be $121,500 and FEMA will reimburse 75% of the approved repair costs ($91,125). Randi Fishbeck sent the FEMA report to us as an email attachment.

July 12, 2016: If you're reading this message, it means that the Lower Elgin Road Bridge site is up and running!

Archived News Stories about the Lower Elgin Road Bridge

July 27, 2018 Restoration Project for Historic Bastrop County Bridge Hits Roadblocks: Brandon Mulder/Austin American Statesman (web/print) Link

February 9, 2018 Elgin Rejects Plan to Move Lower Elgin Road Bridge to Memorial Park: Brandon Mulder/Austin American Statesman (web/print) Link

January 24, 2018 Bastrop County Aims to Move 130-Year-Old Historic Bridge to Elgin Park: Mary Huber/Austin American Statesman (web/print) Link

September 21, 2017 Group Fighting to Get Old Truss Bridge in Bastrop County Repaired: Jorge Rodas/KXAN (Web/print/video) Print Link Video Link

May 24, 2017 Two Years after Memorial Day Storm, Historic Bridge Still Not Repaired: Mary Huber/Austin American Statesman (web/print) Link

April 27, 2017 Lower Elgin Road Bridge Moves Closer to Repair: Valerie Reddell/Elgin Courier (web/print) Link

November 29, 2016 Lower Elgin Bridge Future Still Undecided: Lauren Jette/Elgin Courier (web/print) Link

November 27, 2016 Community Fighting to Save 100+ Year Old Bridge near Bastrop: Marcus Officer/FOX7 (web/print/video) Link

November 24, 2016 Residents Plead with Bastrop County to Repair Decaying Bridge: Mary Huber/Austin American Statesman (web/print) Link

September 27, 2016 County Approves Study on Lower Elgin Road Bridge: Lauren Jette/Elgin Courier (web/print) Link

Updated June 3, 2018