Creative Arts Featuring the Lower Elgin Road Bridge

Over the years, the Lower Elgin Road bridge has been featured in the creative arts. Because of its iconic design and easy accessibility, the bridge has been used in the filming of several movies. "A Perfect World" (Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood) was filmed in the area in 1993 and featured the bridge in several scenes. "Exists" (directed by Eduardo Sanchez), a horror movie focusing on a maybe-not-so-mythical creature, Bigfoot, was filmed in the bridge area in 2013, and premiered at South by Southwest in 2014. "Joe" (Nicolas Cage) was filmed in Bastrop County in 2013 and featured the bridge in several important, dramatic scenes.

In January, 2015, Grifters & Shills, an American roots music duo based in Houston, used the bridge for a music video that provided the group's entry for the 2015 NPR Tiny Desk Contest, a singer/songwriter competition. In addition to the music and the tranquility of Wilbarger Creek, this video also documents the condition of the bridge decking before the April 2015 flood.

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May 2016